About GoBeFull

Who is
Judy Caplan?

Judy Caplan is a registered dietitian who has had her finger on the pulse of the constantly changing health trends that have swept this nation over the last thirty years.
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Judy Caplan MS, RD

What is GoBeFull?

GoBeFull is a new way of thinking about food that brings us back to the basics of healthy eating and nourishment. The acronym GoBeFull (Greens, Oils, Beans, Exercise, Fruits, Unrefined grains, Lean protein, Labels) serves as the basis of the GoBeFull program. These eight GoBeFull keys lead to long lasting health and optimal weight. Based on the latest scientific studies showing what foods prevent disease, GoBeFull promotes a plant based diet incorporating healthy fats, lean protein, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains.

Best of all, GoBeFull teaches America how to understand labels and portion sizes, a necessary key to calorie control and weight maintenance.

The GoBeFull mantra represents my over thirty years of experience in the field of nutrition, health, and wellness. Before “organic” and “natural foods” were household words, I was delving into what prevents disease and what promotes health. I understand what it takes to create vitality in a fast food world. GoBeFull is simple to follow and most importantly gives you the tools to “keep fit in a fattening world.”

My GoBeFull books lay out dietary and fitness plans that lead to action and results. The energy you put into GoBeFull will pay off in lower weight, vibrant health, and best of all a feeling of “bring it on.”