Childhood Nutrition

Judy has been involved with childhood obesity prevention before it was on the front page of every newspaper. Her involvement started in the early 2000’s when she realized children were becoming size XXL. She created the GoBeFull program to help both children and adults develop a healthy lifestyle that leads to optimal weight and disease prevention.

What is GoBeFull?

GoBeFull is a nutrition education program designed for children ages 5-18. GoBeFull gets kids moving and eating right. Kids learn the connection between food and its effects on their bodies. GoBeFull helps kids put dietary basics into action at home and out in the “fast food” world.

GoBeFull’s mascot, The Health Nut, is on hand to add humor, motivation, and fun. Her children’s book, Gobey Gets Full – Good Nutrition in a Nutshell and Health Nut toy provide the perfect take home message to keep kids engaged and the GoBeFull principles alive.

At schools The Health Nut and I are up on stage with a megaphone leading the GoBeFull cheer. The kids quickly respond to “Give me a G, what does it stand for?” It is fantastic how quickly kids internalize the GoBeFull message.

When combined with adult participation, GoBeFull becomes a family affair where kids and parents learn to speak the same nutrition and fitness language. Tensions about food and weight management are replaced with dialogue and actions that lead to healthy outcomes.

As parents learn how to put GoBeFull principles into action, small changes yield big, long term results. GoBeFull – Eight Keys to a Healthy Life is a take home manual for adults and compliments the children’s book and toy.

Where Can I Find GoBeFull?

GoBeFull comes to your school or organization. GoBeFull is taught in individual classrooms or in main auditoriums for entire grade levels. While some schools choose one visit, others provide on-going programs. Because GoBeFull works best when parents are involved, many schools and organizations schedule separate events for the parents.